Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Alison Macleod to take Center Stage RIBWear photography

Alison Macleod, race car drive booked modeling time for RIBWear November 19th..we are happy to announce Ms MacLeod to become part of the RIBWear fashion forward race girl. We give great presence to have the opportunity to shoot Ms. McCleod..
Over talks for two years, to get to this point to take presence over many female drivers who want photoshoots with RIB..,RIB doesn't discrimate but promotes totally the woman in racing..
For the woman who is secure with her look, appeal, her demographics to booost her fan base. and to show her featured as the driving force to keep women behind the wheel..
Ms. Macleod promoting and supporting RIB as her go to force outside the racing genre' and on to the streets..will do a fashion shoot..exemplifying RIBs' free force to go beyond the dream of racing, for a racing girl to achieve her own line of racing couture...ever..!

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