Monday, July 28, 2008

RIBWEAR Cover Girl "What's in a Name? Suz Colleen

RIBWear Annnounces Cover Girl "Suzi Colleen" as the face of it's racing inspired couture line. She's the absolute essence we were looking for. Suz's is the innocence and the maturity representing our line, she exemplifies a action sports star.. On the RED CARPET or for press Suz's tells the story that "RIBWear" wants to show and tell and as Photographer Freddy Hakimy Photo-journalist from "Pedestrian 84 depicts in our recent photoshoot."

"I think she has great purpose in the commercial industry "Juce" T Grant  Director and CEO of RIBWear" states. "She is not only personable but professional, that is so overlooked in this industry. Suzi, is disciplined and conscious of her efforts as an atlete, she is very much aware of her expertise, and consciously executes it in her work whether in competition or in front of the camera. I couldn't imagine anyone else doing our cover. She has this Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Wood mystique about her. She's what the industry needs! She's glamour but the girl next door..

Ms. Colleen will be featured as RIBWears girl of the RACE. She's the kind of women we want our audience to notice...and take a good look at. She's such a positive role model, and she's the kind of girl you wouldnt mind your daughter to grow up as.

Body Building her field of expertise, and fitness for body and soul is so shown through her eyes and her actions..
Check out Suz's and more of RIB's choice chics in the new issue of "

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PVN - Conflict Resolution said...

Wow! She is gorgeous! Great choice for a covergirl.