Thursday, June 19, 2008

RIBWear ~ It's Mission for Excellence

Where the Racetrack Meets the Runway –
revving up a whole new generation of clothing for racers and racing enthusiasts.

The founder of “Rock it Baby” and “RIB Wear,” Juce Peterson, has created something new in the auto racing apparel industry. A new generation of women is breaking on the racing scene, and with them the need for clothes that reflect their “life in the fast lane” world with style and panache. Juce is working with some of the best and most beautiful up-and-coming racing talent in the nation today; Alison Macleod,Toni McCray, Kristian Alexis, Annalese Thorp, LeaAnne Powell and Sean Murphy, designing high-end couture and activewear for this new breed of female role model and icon.

To cater to the these athlete’s fans, Juce started “FanClub49” to help these new, sports stars to market themselves with all manner of fan-oriented merchandise – from T-shirts to calendars.
She assists them in the design, manufacture and marketing of high-quality, straight-from-the- racetrack apparel and products.

Realizing the importance of the fans in the growth of the racing industry, Juce has also started “Finish Line – Where the Girls Come First.” A line of activewear geared to the female racing enthusiast, but with the same innovation and attention to detail as her “Rock it Baby” couture.
The racing culture has become “the” new, hot spot for girls to show off their trendy gear - the car is their latest accessory – and Juce sees unlimited possibilities for womens motorsport clothing.

Another aspect of the “Rock it Baby” brand is producing events for autoshows and similar venues, showcasing her “Rock it Baby” model athletes. She provides clients with a complete package to enhance the experience of attending a high-end automobile or other motorsports event. Recently, the Oasis Event Center opened in L.A.’s garment district and featured the “Rock it Baby” models, decked out in Juce’s innovative designs, in a high-energy cabaret performance of music and dancing that stopped the show. It became necessary to remind the enthusiatic audience that they were attending a fashion show, such was the crowd response.

Plans for the future include partnerships with upscale retail stores and involvement with other sports apparel companies to help market new talent.
She also wants to use her clients to begin a program of personal appearances in Metro-area L.A. schools, not only to publicize racing, but to show kids that driving is not all there is to racing; to introduce them to all that goes into the sport in the way of engineering and technology, and to encourage them to set goals, dream big and focus on education as the way to achieving them.
She has also set her eye on the extreme sports industry with particular attention to the needs of women in those sports.
Juce also sees a great future for “Rock it Baby” as a fundraising tool for the non-profit sector.

The idea “Where the Racetrack Meets the Runway,” suggested to her by her mentor, is the perfect description for the emergence of women in motorsports, and Juce intends to be there to help them look and do their best.

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